Friday, November 16, 2007

About My Book, "How to Be the Captain of a
Winning APA 8-Ball Team"

This blog is dedicated to offering insights from my book and about pool in general. APA stands for the American Poolplayers Association. It is the largest pool league in America today with over a quarter of a million players and growing. It is also taking off in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan.

If You Don’t Have This New One of Kind book, Your Team Won’t Be As Competitive In the Future! Captain John Reveals All Of His Secrets For Having a Winning APA Team. In It You’ll Find An Arsenal Of Strategies to Help You Win And Get Your Team to Vegas For Nationals!

About the Author: Captain John W. Loftus, has won 7 out of 8 APA sessions in a row with one 2nd place finish, along with the trip to compete in the National Championship for 2004. He is currently on a Triple Play Master’s Division APA team, which won the trip to compete in Vegas in 2006. John is a monthly instructional columnist for Inside Pool, the best national billiard magazine in America today.

"This is a book that is long on good advice to finding and keeping a winning APA pool Team." - Tom Gearhart, a former APA League Operator.

"I never realized how deeply one could get involved in the nuts and bolts of the APA league system. Loftus is a good writer and makes the APA statistical information easy to understand. He's at his best, however, when he takes the reader into his personal experiences and into interactions with league operators, players, and competing captains. The heart of the book, however, lies in three chapters: Strategies for Throwing Your Players, How Handicaps are Determined, and What About Sandbagging? It is here that the depth of the APA system is revealed in its full glory. If you play in the APA and want to win, this book would be a good addition to your resource library. There are several thousand APA captains out there and I'm sure some of the ones you are competing with are going to get it and use it against you. You might as well stay competitive." - Bob Henning, known for what most players consider the best instructional books on becoming an advanced pool player, and a monthly instructional columnist for Inside Pool.

"Inside Pool monthly instructional writer John W. Loftus has authored a new book that every league player should have: How To Be The Captain Of A Winning APA 8-Ball Team. It is the first book I know of that attempts to deal with any specific pool league--focusing on how to win in the APA league. This is a great book. If you play in the APA league you should definitely add it to your library. It is a must-have book for any new APA captain. Even if you are a seasoned APA captain you will probably learn a few things. Even if you play in some other league system (ACS, BCA, VNEA, etc), there is enough information about competition strategy in this book to make it well worth the price." - Sandy Schuman, editer of Inside English magazine.

Table of Contents:
An Introduction
My Winning Record So Far
APA is The Ultimate Pool League
Major Criticisms of the APA
My Personal Journey in the APA
About League Operators
In APA the Key is the Captain
Strategies for Throwing Your Players
How Handicaps are Determined
What About Sandbagging?
Our Team Trip to Vegas
Some Advice to Your Players.
How Do I Get Better At Pool?
Why We Miss Shots
You’re Not That Good!
How to Call A Bad Hit Every Time
Starting All Over
“Miss or Make Shots"
Play the Shooter As Well as the Table
Ten Most Common Problems

[8-1/2 x 5-1/2 Paperback, 146 pages.]

If anyone would like to purchase this book, you can e-mail me [johnwloftus at comcast dot net] and I can bill you via Pay Pal. Through me you'll get a signed copy for $17.95. Shipping and handling costs will be determined based on the method you so choose for your particular location.